We’re a One Stop Shop company

We offer dedicated, personalized services to MARKET and DISTRIBUTE, your products SUCCESSFULLY & PROFITABLY, place them in both BRICK & MORTAR and ECOMMERCE markets, using a CONSUMER-CENTERED, HIGHLY STRATEGIC approach, and an infrastructure ADAPTABLE to the needs of your brand.

MONROE DISTRIBUCION has the expertise, proven business model, and adaptability to SUCCESSFULLY DIFFERENTIATE YOUR BRAND from competitors.

  • Sales & finance operations
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Marketing Strategy & Analytics

We place your products in both major eCommerce and brick & mortar points of sale, with commercial strategies that not only position you for initial success, but for continued growth and development as well.

We offer services in the following areas of expertise:


Our team (led by a sales director, key account managers, and wholesale managers) works with an analytical-strategic approach, and has expertise in diverse distribution channels. We also have a network of experienced sales executives, strategically located throughout our national territory.


We take care of all the administrative processes required for the profitable management of our brands. Our financial vision is focused on an optimal balance that increases the value of your business, while growing and developing it.


Through working with our clients’ diverse needs, we’ve developed expertise with multiple billing issues. We’ve also established and enforced various credit processes and collection management procedures to achieve a healthy portfolio.

We have our own distribution network, with key alliances that reach the entire national territory. And that’s just one of our strengths.

We also have the appropriate infrastructure, including category-specific storage in our warehouses, that protects your products and ensures optimal stock levels.

We add value to your brand through marketing plans that reflect market needs.
  • Our marketing proposals are developed according to a thorough analysis of your brand, identifying optimal efforts and budgets that reflect the current market needs. 
  • Your brand will be consistently overseen by a key brand manager in our company.
  • We use omnichanneling, a strategy that puts the consumer at the center of every action.
  • One of our greatest differentiators is the coordination and supervision of BTL activities provided by specialized third parties, through a large and consolidated team of merchandisers, who have access to:
    • place your products in consumers’ view
    • negotiate a greater number of fronts and additional spaces
    • verify and place prices
    • check inventories
    • strategically place POP material to achieve greater brand visibility
    • monitor the competition
  • All of this is done through a real-time, transparent system that allows you immediate and on-going verification.

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