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2.- Selling in Mexico:

We offer you on-going assistance to enter Mexican market fulfilling all necessary requirements and documentation like brand registration, sanitary registration and to comply with Mexican Official Standards (Normas Oficiales Mexicanas, NOMs), etc.

Today, we can represent your brands here in Mexico in two different ways, and you can choose between these two options:

a) Direct Import: Your company incorporates a Mexican company to import the products. We put you we put you in touch with the right people, to lower costs and make it a make it a simple and quick process. Once inMexico, we represent your brands and completely take care of your buisness: storage, sales, invoicing, distribution,credit & acconts receivable, merchandising and any other necessary services. With the support of a CPA, tax and accounting requirements are met and the CPA also safeguards your interests.

b) Import through Monroe Distribucion: Since Monroe is listed on the ”Padron de Importadores” (Imports Registry) to import foreign products into Mexico, we take care of your products documents, storage and entry, to get them ready for their subsequent commercialization. We purchase your products to enter them into Mexican territory and then we completely take care of your business in here: storage, sales, invoicing, distribution, credit & accounts receivable, merchandising and any other necessary service.
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