Brands We Represent
We like to be involved with the brands we represent. It is not only about commercialization and distribution, but also understanding brands in detail, to be able to propose and perform actions that will lead them to reach their maximum potential.

Today, we are proud to represent the following brands
”El Caballito” Dyes
For over 60 years, Putnam Clothing Dyes El Caballito have been dyeing Mexico's clothes. They have the expertise and quality to give a low cost solution by reviving your personal and household clothes colors. Their two product lines(”Clásica” and ”Nueva Caballito”) offer a wide range of intense colors that can be applied to clothes by hand washing or using the washing machine. Their dyes come in powder form, for a quick ans simple application.
MoM to MoM
MoM to MoM®: is the first integral system for women's skin care in every stage of pregnancy and postpartum.

Made with natural ingredients, MoM to MoM was developed by chemical experts and dermatologists, based on the experience of pregnant women or in the postpartum period.

The line is dermatologist tested and has a soft scent. MoM to MoM system consists of 6 products: Stretch Marks Prevention Lotion, Intensive Stretch Marks Prevention Lotion, Postpartum Body Restructuring Gel, Lanolin Treatment for Nipple Care, Moisturizing Body Oil and Refreshing Tired Legs Lotion.
Chao Nudos
CHAO is a line of products that facilitate hairstyle girls, caring for and protecting your delicate hair. Chao Knots is a detangling lotion added to "Capiloproteínas" undoing knots in wet or dry hair. Chao Greñas is an innovative liquid gel spray to avoid contaminating hands or brush.
AP&G is an american company, leader in the market of glue traps used by professional rodent exterminators. More than 20 years ago, AP&G came to Mexico and introduced a trap currently known as Catch-a-MAX. The line consists of: Mice traps, rats traps, fly catchers and flying insects catchers. The three products are market leaders in Mexico fot their great quality and results.
Stash Tea
Stash Tea, the pioneer of the specialist tea brand founded in 1972 in Mexico now. Stash Tea is a premium tea known for its flavor and unique 100% natural, made ​​herbal and spice plantations of the best in the world. Thanks to its metallic envelope, its delicious flavor and aroma are preserved until the moment you open it and taste it.
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